Birthday Parties

Birthday Party Packages Our birthday party packages are built around staying active and healthy and providing 2 hours of non stop FUN! The packages will keep the party-goers entertained and active the entire 2 hours guaranteed! These packages create an easy environment for parents organize and work with and enables the parents to focus on having fun with the kids! We do all the work!


Rock Climbing Birthday Party - $250.00
Picture this... all the kids are getting dropped off at your house for the party. They are hanging around and waiting for everyone to arrive when we show up with 24 feet of  Mobile Rock Climbing Awesomeness! They look at each other with disbeleif not really knowing whats happening. Then we stop and begin setting up and it kicks in... we are ROCK CLIMBING at this birthday party!

We unload the bouncy castle, set it up and get everyone bouncing to start the party off. We then move to the game of their choice (tug of war, potatoe sack race or three-legged race) in order to finish our warm up.

Then the climbing begins! All the party goers get harnessed up and we begin climbing. Birthday girl or boy get's the first climb. After that, we climb the party-goers until their hearts content for the duration of the 2 hours. The bouncy castle remains set up the entire time allowing everyone to go back and forth the entire duration of the birthday party!

Remember, we use high quality rock climbing gear and coach each climber one on one. This also provides them with an opportunity to learn basic rock climbing skills!


Other details:

  • 2 hours in length 
  • up to 20 participants (each additional participant  is $10.00 each)
  • includes our 24 ft Mobile Rock climbing Wall, Bouncy castle and your choice of a tug of war game or potatoe sack race or three legged race
  • 2 qualified staff
  • delivery charges apply
  • if you wish to have the birthday party package and you live outside the radius please contact us directly to discuss. we would be happy to help!