Rock Climbing continues to become more and more popular each year. What was once considered only a sport for the most adventurous, is now becoming main stream. Indoor climbing gyms are popping up all over the place. The health benefits of climbing are vast and people of all ages can participate. Rock climbing also provides an opportunity for some people to face their fears and overcome obstacles in a safe and controlled environment with qualified instructors. 

Ry-J’s Climbing Adventures brings the real sport and adventure of rock climbing to any event… anywhere!

  • We are climbing event specialist’s. We know how to set up and execute high quality climbing and interactive event’s flawlessly.
  • We manually belay every climber to ensure they receive the best climbing experience possible.
  • We use real, high quality rock climbing gear. Safety is our number one priority.
  • We coach and support each climber to enable them to reach the top.
  • All staff are certified belayers and qualified climbers.
  • We can climb up to 4 climbers at once. This allows for maximum participation and fun throughout the event.
  • We keep the audience climbing and having fun from start to finish. That’s our guarantee. Fun is our business and we love what we do.