Backyard bouncers!

Sooner than later, everything will return to normal. Or perhaps, a new normal will be restored. Regardless, our regular routines will take shape, we will be able to socialize with family and friends in person, set up and attend small gatherings and eventually large gatherings and full scale events will take place again.

We will be there with you every step of the way! That’s our commitment to you. To provide you with clean and safe equipment for your enjoyment.

In the meantime, during this social distancing period, we want you to remember that you can reserve any of our equipment so it’s ready for your event in the privacy of your own home when certain restrictions have been lifted. Backyard Bouncing is a great way to entertain and engage your family in healthy activity. There are many equipment options that fit into your yard, garage and even your basement.

We follow and detailed cleaning and sanitization process for each piece of equipment before it leaves our warehouse. And now, we have added the process of sanitizing all equipment right in front of you once its set up! Your health and safety matters!

Take the Smiley Face Bouncer for example. This is great economical bouncer that would fit almost anywhere. Have a look and see….

Have a look and contact us to book this for your family!

Have a great day and be safe!

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