Family Games

The opportunity for family’s to enjoy game nights together has been written about and posted on numerous blogs and social media pages as of late. And why not…..! While current times are certainly challenging it does provide an opportunity for family’s to spend quality down time together.

There are many benefits to Family Game Nights. Here are just a few:

  1. Less screen time! Studies have shown the importance of turning the screens off for a certain amount of time will enhance the over all well being of children and adults. I won’t go into the specific health benefits, as they are easily found with a quick google search. Kid’s will see that they can have fun without being plugged in
  2. Togetherness. Family game time is a great way to bring everyone together to the table. Games are chosen that allow everyone to participate regardless of age and skill level. Games that have teamwork requirements increase bonding opportunity amongst siblings.
  3. Stability. Having a pre-set family game night each month helps to build confidence within the family unit. It provides reassurance to children and family members that they will have time to connect with each other regularly.
  4. Flexibility. Providing everyone an opportunity in the family game night schedule to choose what game to play will help teach patience and flexibility. Not everyone will want to play a certain game that is chosen, however they will play it knowing it’s important to their sibling or parent who did choose the game, When it is their turn to choose a game, they will be provided with the same level of respect.
  5. Fun! Family game nights are about having fun with your family. Plain and simple! You may find that you need to allow for more time during game night or perhaps more scheduled game nights are needed.

Let us know what some of your favourite games are for your family’s game night!

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