Health Benefits of Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing continues to grow in popularity at a rapid pace.  What was once a sport considered only to be for those who are risk takers, climbing has gained popularity amongst all age groups.  Part of the increase in participation is due to the evolution of indoor climbing gyms, bouldering gyms and portable rock climbing walls.  Another significant reason for the increasing popularity of rock climbing, are the health benefits attached to this physically and mentally demanding past time.

Our focus today is on the health benefits of rock climbing and the positive impact they have on our well being.  Here’s our top 5 list of health benefits received from Rock Climbing:

Mentally Challenging:  Navigating routes in a particular climb requires the climber to overcome obstacles and problems.  These problems enable the climber to focus on self-awareness and one’s own abilities.  Route planning, strength requirements, endurance and body control and coordination are all part of each climb

Strength Benefits: Rock climbing is a full body strength exercise. Upper body strength is required for gripping and pulling.  Lower body and core is required for stability, balance, and pushing.  Learning to leverage body position, strength and balance at the same are key to climbing.  Isometric strength is enhanced and loads of energy is consumed which is a benefit for those looking to reap the  exercise benefits of rock climbing.

Increased Flexibility:  Range of motion is tested and increased during a rock climbing session.  Climbers are required to adapt to route and hold placements.   This will require the climber to climb and reach for holds that are out of normal reach and push them to stretch out and maintain balance as they navigate their way up the route

Challenging:  They say…”you only grow when you step out of your comfort zone”.  Rock climbing will provide you with that growth opportunity.  As you continue to climb and build your confidence, you will find yourself taking on more challenging routes.  Perhaps those routes are indoors or maybe it’s the local outdoor climbing routes you want to test yourself on.  Either way, as you continue to challenge yourself, your confidence will grow!

Overcoming Fears: Fear is inhibiting.  Fear of heights is amongst the most common fears in people.  Rock climbing is an amazing way to conquer the fear of heights.  High-quality climbing gear coupled with high-quality instruction will help you build confidence and liberate yourself from the fear of heights and the fear of falling.  This increase in self-confidence and  self-esteem will spill over into your day to day life and help you handle life challenges.


If you’ve enjoyed today’s information on the health benefits of rock climbing, be sure to let us know.  We love to hear from you!

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