Obstacle Courses:

Let’s get right to the point….Obstacle Courses are AWESOME!  They provide a dynamic ride for your event and cover all age groups.  Yes….even adults!  Whether you are looking to have one piece of equipment, or multiple inflatables for your event, be sure to consider an obstacle course in your selection.

The different sizes and designs of obstacle courses allow you to choose one that would suit your event.

For example, The 7 Element Obstacle Course is 35 Feet long and less than 8 ft high.  This sizing allows it to fit into most indoor venues.  It’s economical size and pricing also makes it popular for backyard birthday parties.

7 Element Obstacle Course

The Safari Obstacle Course is a great jungle themed inflatable obstacle course.  You crawl, hop and slide through this ride until you reach the end.  Almost 50Ft in length, this obstacle course is great for higher capacity events.

Safari Obstacle Course

If you want extreme….the 50FT Dual Extreme Obstacle Course is the choice for you.  This beauty is 50FT in length with a 12FT slide at the end to finish the race!  Smash, crawl, hop, bounce and slide your way through this very popular obstacle course until come flying down the 12ft slide at the end.

Dual Extreme Obstacle Course

Or , how about the Boot Camp Obstacle Course?  If you want a fun challenge, look no further.  The Boot Camp is 90FT in lenght and has mulitple challenging obstacles throughout.  Start by getting over the beams, then the tire obstacles and then cross the 6ft gully with a rope swing.  That’s only the first half!

Next comes  dodging and blasting through the pillars, climb up through the tunnels and right into a challenging ropes course.  Climbing your way up to the top of the slide and enjoy an easy 12ft slide down to finish the race.

Boot Camp Obstacle Course

The majority of obstacle courses allow multiple participants at a time.  This provides a much greater participation capacity for your event.  Our obstacle courses are set up for 2 participants at a time.

Be to sure to check out further details about our obstacle courses by clicking the link.  You can also leave us comments.  We love hearing from you!

Enjoy your week!

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