Rock Climbing Fun

Don’t let the snow fool you,  Spring and Summer is just around the corner!  In a few day’s we will begin to see the sunlight a little longer so get out and enjoy some Winter activities while you can.

You might be asking:  “why are you posting about rock climbing walls…in the winter”?

Well….who says you can’t climb in the winter time?  

We have been hired numerous times in many different locations with our portable rock climbing walls for Winter Carnivals both indoor and outdoor.  Climbing in the winter certainly adds to the challenge, but isn’t that what makes climbing fun?

Regardless of the time of year, rock climbing provides hours of healthy activity and encourages participants to overcome challenges.  

Click this link for a short video showing some footage of our climbing walls.


Portable Rock Climbing Walls

I hope you enjoy!

In the meantime, if you have a Winter Carnival coming up, contact us so we can help take your event to new heights.


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