So fresh and so clean

For all businesses, now, more than any other time, is the opportunity to address your company’s cleanliness habits when it comes to service delivery. While we always had a detailed clean and repair process for our equipment, we upped our game to include additional sanitization of any and all equipment right in front of our customers upon delivery!

Why? Because we care! We care about your health and safety. We care about your guests health and safety! We care that we provide you with superior equipment and we care to be a leader in our industry!

Here are some examples of the cleaning and sanitizing tools we use to maintain high quality equipment:

Each piece of equipment requires special attention to the details. While the cleaning process encompasses most of what is needed for each piece of equipment, some units needs slightly different cleaning process to ensure its sanitized properly and functions properly for our customers enjoyment.

For example, seen here, the 35ft Log Mountain Slip n Slide gets some cleaning and sanitizing underneath the sliding vinyl to ensure full cleanliness, sanitization and functionality.

Cleanliness and safety has always been a driving force behind our customer service model. We will continue to build and refine our processes to ensure all of our customers are satisfied!

Be safe!

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