super hero’s needed

When Lex Luthor was causing problems, Superman flew in and saved the day. If the Joker was up to no good…..Batman was on the scene to kick some….you know what! Cheetah was no match for Wonderwoman.

But what about the most formidable adversary ever? An adversary that is relentless and full of energy all the time. An adversary that is always on the move and hard to slow down…….?? These adversaries are know as “The Patience Gobblers”! A.K.A…. our very own kids!

This is when we need a team of superhero’s to step up and save the day. This team is called “The Justice League”

This team of Super Hero’s is ready and able to help you handle ……”The Patience Gobblers”!

The Justice League Bouncer is the ultimate backyard bouncer. It’s a great size allows for plenty of bounce and play space for everyone to enjoy.

Rent this for your backyard and keep The Patience Gobblers busy! Contact us for more info.

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