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Interactive play systems

Play is essential for optimal child development as it enables physical, social, congnitive and emotional well-being in youth. With all the knowledge surrounding the benefits of free play, it still seems more and more difficult to find the opportunity to allow time for free play.

One of our key strengths is diversity! Diversity in equipment selection and inventory. Diversity in the type of events that we support and the diversity of equipment packages that we help our clients put together that allow the type of free play and engaged atmosphere that parents want for their youth.

Take for instance, the Arena and Light’em Up Interactive Play System inflatables.

These two units incorporate classic inflatable play with electronics to engage the senses with a more modern feel. Each of the inflatable units comes with the electronics to play 5 different games. A bluetooth speaker provides some fun music during each of the games.

These interactive games allow for single players and teams to face off against each other, thus providing greater volume of participation for those busier events.

If you want to learn more about these interactive games and how they could enhance your next event, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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