You gotta see this!

Have you ever watched action movies and marvelled at how the actors throw themselves out of the window of the 2nd story building just as it’s about to blow up….or crumble….or when the bad guy is chasing them and the only option the hero has … to JUMP!

Where do they land?  I mean…come one…how can you jump 10, 15 or even 30ft and just walk away?  Wanna know the secret?  It’s a Stunt Jump mattress.  It’s simple and very effective technology that allows you to fall from certain heights and land onto a very soft mattress that embraces your fall and makes you feel light as a feather when you land.

We love action and adventure.  And we love to bring action and adventure to your event!  So we went out and searched for the best and safest option to help you bring your inner stuntman or stuntwoman to life.

Let me introduce you to the “The Jump Off” Inflatable”.  This inflatable beauty is 25ft high, 15ft wide and 58ft long.

It is surrounded by high quality mesh walls with double stiched inflatable barriers to enclose the entire unit.

The efficient design allows for a large capacity of participants to take part.  You simply climb to the top of the jump off platform using the stairs at the back.  If you get to the top and decide you don’t want to jump….you can slide down the “chicken” slide that is beside the stairs and exit at the bottom.  The “chicken” slide itself offers a decent sliding experience!

Once you are at the top of the jumping platform, you will recieve some safe jumping advice from our trained team of professionals.  Then the countdown begins….3-2-1-JUMP!


SWOOSH….you land softly and safely in the giant mattress.  You roll off the mattress with a giant smile on your face for everyone watching to see.  And then you run back in line to try it all over again!

If this sounds like fun to you… us now to reserve it for your upcoming summer 2019 events!

Have a great week.

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